The Lack of Filial Piety

There was a time when I was very small that my mother only ate crackers and water so that my sister and I would have something more substantial to eat. My mother has always made sacrifices for me and my siblings.

Sadly filial piety (the respect that children are obligated to give to their parents) doesn’t exist today except in very small circles, and usually closed societies. Today, people use their parents for everything they can get from them, but when the parent(s) asks for something they adult children are never there or they give excuses as to why they can’t help.

Our mothers nursed us when we were children. They provided a roof for us, clothes to wear, a bed in which to sleep and food to keep us from being hungry. Our mothers never kept a tally of the food or milk they provided us, or the hundreds of times they changed our diapers or cleaned our snotty noses or how many times they came running when we were crying because we were sick or in need of something like medicine and bandages for all those scrapes and bruises. When we became adults, our parents did not present us with a bill for all the care which they gave us over the years.

Today many grown adults who still have parents have nothing but disrespect for their parents. Like a two year old they still want all they can get (and demand it) from their parents, but never give anything in return. They want their parents to baby sit the grandchildren, but when the need is there for the parent the son or daughter isn’t present. When the mother or father needs a place to live, the son or daughter has no room in their home for their parents – yet they still outright demand their parents provide them a place to wash their clothes, store their old belongings, park their junk cars, provide free sitter service and even have the audacity to “borrow” money from them, knowing they will never return it.

I will do anything within my abilities to help my mother or father, regardless of what it is. It’s our duty as their children. My mother has always been there for me, and as long as I can I will be there for her. This is my obligation and I gladly take it upon myself, not because I “have to”, because I want to — because I love to.

If you’re one of these people that disrespects your parents, you’re a no good 20, 30 or 40-something year old piece of crap, with a 4 year old mindset who thinks you’re entitled to everything. It’s time you finally grow up and be an adult. One day you’ll find that you’re in need of your children’s help, but they won’t be there because you taught them to hate their parents. They will use the same lame excuses and lies you told your parents when they asked for help.

When you’re old and cry and nag about how your children are so “mean” to you and how they never visit unless they want something, when they curse and yell at you and on and on — no one is going to feel sorry for you except yourself. Just remember, you did the same thing to your parents and you taught your children to do the same. And in my mind, you’re still a self-righteous, self-entitled and worthless piece of crap. Grow up already and show some respect!